FREE SHOW (Donations Welcome)
Wednesday, 8:30pm.
October 12, 2011 at Coldtowne Theater.
with Sarah 7 and The Faculty


Scene: “The Offensive Cookie Patron”

Here’s an excerpt from the show last night, revolving around an offensive “Great American Cookie” customer.

Thanks for coming out to the show last night! It was a full house, and the energy was amazing.

All this too happening on one of the first “Pay What You Want” night’s of Coldtowne Theater’s new 7 day comedy week. I am here to inform you that, between the efforts of both Scout and The Team, we raised $3.41 for the theater. Thank you, everyone!

Scene: “The Peeping Tom’s”
You missed another fun show, but luckily we got some of the fun on tape for you inter-web folks.

Special thanks to Coldtowne Video guru, Kirk Johnson, for shooting our set and throwing some sweet clips up on YouTube for us. Stay tuned to the site and the official YouTube Channel for all the cool updates.

*SPECIAL NOTE We encourage everyone to come to the actual performances as there is no substitute for seeing an improv show live.

Show Flyer

Here’s a flyer for the free show tonight at Coldtowne Theater…

Krilov and Catlow are back from sabbatical in Chicago (aka the land of the improv), and tonight we perform with renewed vigor. Also tonight, we will be revealing the new name of the group- which I suppose any visitors of the site might already know. If you don’t know, don’t look at the top of the page!

If you’ve managed to figure it out, don’t tell, it’s a secret- until tonight that is, then we can all wear homemade “The Team” T-Shirts and plaster those bumper stickers on all registered motor vehicles. That’s all coming, but in the meantime, come support us at Coldtowne tonight, 8:30pm.

Scene: “The Autograph Line”
With the amazing advancements of video technology, we can finally allow our fans the opportunity to view excerpts from our live performances over the interwebs. This is our first clip pulled from our first show back in May at the Monday Night Mash.

We encourage everyone to come to the actual performances as there is no substitute for seeing an improv show live. So stay tuned to the site and our new YouTube Channel.

We are The Team Improv. com

We are not Please do not confuse these other guys (our web neighbors over at THE with us. Don’t even accidentally go over there, unless you are in the market for some outstanding mid-range real estate listings in Alberta, Canada at more than reasonable prices.

Again as a final reminder, we are an improv team, not a real estate team. Thanks!

Welcome to The Team

Welcome to The Team The Team (aka

This is our new website. which will be the source for all things related to the brand new Austin-based improv super group, The Team.

This hot improv quartet consists of Danny Catlow, David Hess, Josh Krilov, and Kyle Sweeney.

You may recognize the group as ‘The Artist Formerly Known As Gravy Train“. For years the group felt lost as it looked endlessly for a proper moniker- I mean what do you call this level of artistry? Finally and unceremoniously this dilemma was cut short with the announcement of the new name The Team.

Expect more updates, show info, and videos to follow.